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About Better

We're selling tickets on Better. It's a beta, and we know it can feel more like a ticket shack, than a ticket booth. But bear with us! As Better comes to life, it will act like a community organizer, and guide people who are interested in Silent Barn to get involved in places that they will have a great time helping.

The idea is to create A.I. management (a.k.a. machine learning) for social movements, that can help us figure out how large groups of passionate activists can really best support each other. Better will ask us questions, get to know us, listen to how we feel as we work, and then use that insight to help staff great, compatible teams for events, projects, working groups, and conversations at Silent Barn.

Later, the same technology can help us overcome our differences when we're staffed into teams that we're not so compatible with, too. That can have great implications for diversity - exciting! One step at a time.

Better is a project by Silent Barn co-founder Kunal Gupta, one of the first technology startups in the Silent Barn Stewdios program. Reach out any time at